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We launched a new service in 2021 Painfree Pilates Online.

Promotion code: 2022 will gain access for only €9.99/month for the first two months. Normal price €45 per month ( €10.38 per week ) .

This easy to use App will enable you to enjoy Clinical Pilates from the comfort of your home, anytime, anywhere, all year around.

Each rehabilitative based class class will be delivered by a Chartered Physiotherapist. We aim to educate, motivate and modify our exercises to suit every level. Throughout the classes we will provide useful tips on preventing injury, common injuries and general advice that we give daily as Chartered Physiotherapists.

All of our classes will be categorised into different levels so that is easy to find appropriate content. Our content is suitable for all ages and all levels.

Grab a mat, some household props, press play & enjoy the classes.

Included in the app are specific classes for Osteoporosis & Covid Recovery & Diaphragmatic Breathwork.

There is currently over 150 classes on the app & new content is added each week.

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