The idea and concept for this Osteoporosis Clinical Pilates Program stemmed from working as a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist at Rheumatology & Orthopaedic Clinics in Beaumont Hospital. I often encounter patients with a diagnosis of Osteopenia /Osteoporosis who are afraid to move and unsure how to manage exercise with this condition.

We have developed a simple to-navigate Pilates course for use at home on an on-demand basis. Exercising regularly reduces the rate of bone loss and conserves bone tissue, lowering the risk of fractures. Exercise also helps reduce the risk of falling.

This program is suitable for anybody diagnosed with Osteopenia/Osteoporosis who has been given clearance by their healthcare professional to commence the exercise. It is not ideal if you have an acute fracture.

This program aims to educate you on how to manage your condition & build your confidence in learning how best to exercise.

After that, you will have access to over 40 beginner classes suitable for home use.

You can get full membership and access all of the classes for only €14.99/month.

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