Class Information / FAQs

All classes are lead by an experienced chartered physiotherapist who has specialised training in modified pilates through the APPI institute.

Classes are 50 minute duration and include a warm up, main body and approx 5 minutes of relaxation to finish.

You need to be able to get up/down from a mat on the floor independently to participate in these classes.

Class size is kept small so that the Physiotherapy Instructor can keep a close eye on all participants, including exercise technique, posture and form and offer specific modifications to those who require it.

What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in.

Socks or bare-feet work best, no footwear required.

Do I need to bring anything to the class?

You need to bring a mat, a small towel or block for your head.

Please bring bottled water to stay hydrated.

Please complete your screening form and disclaimer prior to first class.

What equipment is used in the classes?

We used a variety of equipment including theraband, light weights, fit circles, physio balls, foam rollers, toning balls and balance pads.

Some of this equipment can be used to facilitate exercise while others can be used to make the exercises more challenging. All equipment was optional and if preferred exercises can be performed without it.

Are these classes suitable if I have an injury?


Often a clinical pilates programme will help to speed up your recovery and reduce the risk of recurrence.

Before you participate we require you to fill out a screening questionnaire which will allow the therapist to tailor the classes to the participant’s needs.

What if I had had a serious illness or surgery?

These classes begin at a low level so are gentle enough to start while recovering from a serious illness.

We have had many participants post breast surgery who find the benefits of moving and strengthening invaluable in their recovery.

We also have found in practice that participants suffering from persistent conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis, osteoporosis can get excellent relief from Pilates.

If you are unsure if you are suitable for the class please do not hesitate to contact us and speak to a highly qualified physiotherapist about your condition.

Can the exercises be changed if I am feeling pain?

Yes, the key concept behind modified clinical Pilates is to get you moving within comfortable limits and gently strengthen your postural muscles.  Everyone can work at their own level or pace.

Class sizes are kept small so that we can modify/individualise exercise to suit participant needs.

Will it improve my sports performance?

Pilates has become very popular amongst top athletes across a wide variety of sports. Pilates will help with your mobility, strength, posture, balance and control which in turn are key for injury prevention.

Often in sport, as you may be using repetitive movements you can develop muscle imbalance. Pilates works the body as a whole, rebalancing muscles and improving posture and alignment

What levels are available?

We have raw beginner, improver and intermediate levels available.

If my class is too fast or too slow can I switch?

Absolutely! Please do not hesitate to speak to the chartered physiotherapist taking the class about your concerns. We will always endeavour to get you into a class the best suits your ability and requirements.

Will I lose weight?

Pilates is perfect for toning and shaping the body. It is a form of exercise that will help you build muscle tone whilst staying relaxed.