Swords Classes September/October 2022

Holywell Community Centre

  • For bookings please contact via email painfreepilates@yahoo.com or text 0868812562
  • This will a 8 week block, price 160 euro.
  • We are renting the dance studio in Holywell Community Centre in Swords which is well ventilated and a risk assessment has been performed on the space.
  • Classes will be 50 minutes in duration
  • Participants will be required to bring their own mat.
  • Monday Evening & Thursday morning options (see below)
  • Places will be limited and provided on a first come/first served basis upon advertising.
  • Parking should be available for evening classes , however for morning classes you will need to find local parking. Please beware cars are often clamped in the Euro Spar area.
  • Please note we can no longer accommodate live make-ups for missed classes on different days/evenings. Instead we are offering our live participants use of our online platform at a discounted rate, if you are interested in this option contact us to discuss.
  • A minimum booking number will be required for a class to go ahead

Thursday Morning 9.30a.m Beginners ( 8 week block €160)

Thursday 8th September 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m
Thursday 15th September 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m
Thursday 22nd September 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m
Thursday 29th September 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m
Thursday 6th October 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m
Thursday 13th October 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m
Thursday 20th October 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m
Thursday 27th October 20229.30a.m- 10.20a.m

Thursday Morning 10.30a.m Improver/Intermediate Class ( 8 week block €160)

Thursday 8th September 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m
Thursday 15th September 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m
Thursday 22nd September 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m
Thursday 29th September 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m
Thursday 6th October 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m
Thursday 13th October 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m
Thursday 20th October 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m
Thursday 27th October 202210.30a.m – 11.20a.m

Monday Evenings Beginners & Improvers Class 6pm (8 week block €160)

Monday 5th September 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m
Monday 12th September 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m
Monday 19th September 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m
Monday 26th September 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m
Monday 03rd October 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m
Monday 10th October 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m
Monday 17th October 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m
Monday 24th October 20226.00pm – 6.50p.m

Monday Evenings Beginners & Improvers Class 7pm (8 week block €160)

Monday 5th September 20227.00pm-7.50pm
Monday 12th September 20227.00pm-7.50pm
Monday 19th September 20227.00pm-7.50pm
Monday 26th September 20227.00pm-7.50pm
Monday 03rd October 20227.00pm-7.50pm
Monday 10th October 20227.00pm-7.50pm
Monday 17th October 20227.00pm-7.50pm
Monday 24th October 20227.00pm-7.50pm

Holywell Community Centre, Holywell, Swords, Co. Dublin, K67 P8P9

Directions to Holywell Community Centre from Pavilions Shopping Centre

Exit the roundabout onto Malahide Rd/R106
200 m
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit onto Swords Rd/R106
700 m
At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto Mountgorry Way
650 m
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit
300 m
At the roundabout, take the 1st exit
Go through 2 roundabouts
250 m
Turn left
Destination will be on the left